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2022 Supported Projects

Venture grants allow teachers to offer expanded educational opportunities to their students.  In 2022 the WBCEF was proud to support the following venture grant projects.


Vendy - The Curiosity Cabinet 

Wearable Art


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Nestled in the corner outside of the library, Wendy houses the newest and most interesting fiction and non fiction books for students to enjoy. The contents of Bendy will be shuffled each month to keep students on the edge of their seats awaiting what is to come. Click here to learn more 

As part of the wearable art project, students first research wearable art and as a class discuss wearable art vs. typically daily clothes. Students envision what they want to create, then set forth making it. The final step was a fashion show in class to reflect on their designs. 
Click here to read more about the project.

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The Junior High and High School Gifted Support Students were able to bring gardening directly in to their classroom. The students prepared for the adventure by researching hydroponics gardening and then applied their research as they worked to grow crops. Click here to learn more 

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